What is this?

The Elmsdale Community Garden is a group of enthusiastic and warm hearted community members who grow fresh food to help support their community.

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The Community Freezer

The Community Freezer is a source of free, nutritious meals for those in need, in the community. They are available to anyone who needs one, simply by contacting the Community Garden.

Contact the Community Garden
  • What does that have to do with Cool Hand Nukes?

    This is our community... Enfield, neighbouring Elmsdale, and East Hants NS as a whole. We live here, work here, and have experienced the same things, from Fiona in the fall to the recent flooding in the summer of 2023.

    We also see the rising cost of living, of food, of shelter, for those in our community and beyond.

    We want to help.

  • Ok, but how?

    The Community Freezer has frozen meals, to be heated up at home. Whether they are heated up in the microwave, or on the stovetop, or in the oven, Cool Hand Nukes cozies can provide a safe and comfortable way to carry a hot meal to a comfy spot, to enjoy it. We think it's a perfect pairing. So... we had a chat with the lovely folks at the Community Freezer. to see how we could work together to help raise funds for the Freezer

  • How does it work?

    We have created the coupon code FREEZER. Anyone who makes a purchase on the site and uses that code receives 15% off of their order. The Elmsdale Community Freezer program will also receive a donation for every coupon code used. Not from around here? No worries, our community would so appreciate the help from anywhere in the world!

    We will still ship anywhere in Canada for free!