About Us

Comfort. Safety. Peace of mind.These are the values that inspire the creation of Cool Hand Nukes. Cool Hand Nukes are microwave-safe, made right here in Nova Scotia with 100% cotton. Their special insulation materials protect your hands from hot bowls as you carry them right from the microwave, and guard surfaces against heat marks as you enjoy your meal. It was concern for loved ones that drove the founder to create Cool Hand Nukes. Within her own immediate family, there are several people who needed a product like this for their own safety. You can read more about her story here. For anyone concerned about grip or strength, Cool Hand Nukes are available with finger loops for extra comfort and peace of mind. Cool Hand Nukes are made by a circle of caring creators; people who come together to make these items individually, by hand, working from home. They’re created in Nova Scotia with love, and we hope you love them as much as we do. For more information about where and how to purchase, check out our Pickup Locations, and our online Shop :)

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