No More Handling Hot Bowls!

Our goal is to keep vulnerable hands safe, while having fun with design and colour. Brighten your space and be comfortable, too.

If you prefer to browse in person....

Below is a map showing all locations where our cozies are currently stocked :) Design selection will vary, but these are all lovely shops with lots to see!

We are Canadian, and we Care

Based in Nova Scotia, we make all of our items by hand, right here. We source our materials locally as much as possible, or elsewhere in Canada, with very few exceptions. We recycle, or donate, all waste textiles and use compostable mailers, hang tags and packaging.

  • Our first cozy EVER...

    Our first cozy ever was made for a family member with no sensation in their hands due to diabetes. A burn sustained just doesn't heal. Then, I made myself one, and then for other family members, and friends. We adapted the design we found online, changed the materials, found amazing fabrics, and Cool Hand Nukes was born.

  • Times have changed...

    Nowadays, we are either working remotely in home offices, or going in to the office, but the days of the lunch room are, for many, a thing of the past. So many people now are heating up their lunch in the communal area ( or their own kitchen at home ) and carrying a hot lunch back to their desk. Cool Hand Nukes can make that journey deskward much safer than the paper-towel-shirt-sleeves-four-fingers scramble!

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  • Oliver, Bedford NS

    As someone who meal preps all their meals in advance, I am constantly heating my food in the microwave and then trying to remove hot containers out of it. Quite often having to grab a hand towel to pick up my meals. Now with this simple solution I am able to safely heat my food and carry it out of the microwave.

  • Dave, Lake Echo, NS

    As a TV watching dinner eater, I appreciate my bowl cozy as it saves me having a hot bowl sliding around on a plate or, worse yet, me. Much easier to cradle this way.

  • Karen, NS

    I find it especially nice for my toddler so I can give him the bowl without with heated up leftovers without worrying about him burning his fingers. Normally I'm juggling the bowl trying not to scold my fingers, and pushing his hands away when he's trying to grab it