Product Care and Safety Information

Hi! Thanks so much for coming by the site, and for your interest in our products! We just have a couple of quick notes about care and safety... 1) As with anything else, like dishes, cups, bowls, etc... never EVER microwave anything by itself, unless it's food. Sure, nuke a potato on its own, no problem... but NEVER microwave an empty cup, bowl, or BOWL COZY. We have tested this out, and while our bowl cozies have been through VERY rigorous microwaving for their intended purpose, they do, of course, have problems when microwaved ON THEIR OWN. This was no surprise, any microwave manual will vigorously warn against doing this. So.. don't do that. 2) Again, as with anything else... never leave anything unattended while cooking in the microwave. Whether it's a Lean Cuisine meal or a bowl in one of our cozies, or anything else, ever.. stick around. 3) Don't use your microwave to DRY your bowl cozy! AIR DRY it over a bowl, or a can of coffee, etc. to keep it's shape but don't microwave the water out of it. Yes of course you can put it in the dryer, but it WILL get those little puckers that quilts get, that's what cotton items do...if that's a look you like, go for it ( some do! ) If you want to keep it flat, and smooth... AIR DRY 4) Please don't bleach the cozies... if you get something on it, there are lots of stain removing things you can do, for different things, but we don't want you to lose the colour in your item... so machine wash, and air dry. ( Remember to treat protein based stains BEFORE washing and always wash in COLD water! Washing in HOT water will set the stain! Thanks again!

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