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Cool Hand Nukes

Food Prep Size Microwavable Cozy -From The Desk Of...

Food Prep Size Microwavable Cozy -From The Desk Of...

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Put your prep container in the cozy, and put the whole thing ( not the container lid though!) in the microwave.... when it's hot and ready, just pick it up, IN the cozy, and make your way back to wherever you'd like to have your lunch.
This pattern is a collection of keyboards and other desk accessories on dark gray, on the front, and desk lamps in a fun toss in mint, on the back

Handmade in Nova Scotia and ready to be a perfect gift for someone you care about. 
High quality 100% cotton, microwavable bowl cozy, machine washable. Fits a standard rectangular food prep container, up to 7"x9".
** Please note that the container is NOT included! It's there for representation only :)

A note from Cool Hand Nukes: 
This is something new, for us, and we wanted to make these because there are some things we hear about ALL the time. One of those things is the difficulty in carrying a hot lunch, at the office, from the lunch room microwave back to the desk. So many of us eat at our desks now, either due to COVID restrictions and the change in office protocols, or just because we like to. Whether at home, or at the work place, this cozy is for anyone who brings their lunch in a food prep container and has, until now, used paper towels, or sleeves, to carry it around.


Fits a standard bowl with a 4-8″ diameter.

Care information

Machine wash, no bleach. Air dry either sitting flat or upside down over a bowl. Please avoid putting these in the dryer, they won't shrink or warp, but they WILL get tiny puckers along the stitch lines, so to keep them nice and flat, please air dry.

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