Work with Us, from Home

When my son was very young I went looking for work-from-home opportunities, things I could do while I had moments through the day, or in the evenings. I got scammed three times over, thinking that they were real chances to make a little money while being home. I was desperate, but stuck.

This is something different. I’m doing this because I know what it’s like to need to work, but not be able to get out every day, on a schedule.

What’s involved? How does it work?

1) You review the offer letter and the conditions, and if it suits you, you join the Collective. You submit a $100 deposit when you receive your first kit. This will be refunded to you once we get to know each other, but we have to make sure that a) our sewists are serious and b) we aren't sending out piles of material and saying goodbye to them... 

2) You receive pre-cut kits that include all materials needed to make the items, including thread and labels.. ALL of our materials are 100% cotton and to ensure that's what's being used, we supply it all. All of our sets come with the fabrics and fleece to make a certain number, so you can choose how many you'd like to make, and either receive a larger or smaller kit

3) You follow the instructions and make the items to meet the Cool Hands standards ( We will provide, free of charge, the materials to make a 'practice' cozy... it won't have our tag on it and won't be one of our patterns, but it'll give you a chance to do one for practice and have it to use at home )

4) You contact us for item review and pick up We come see you, go over your items, and pick up every one that meets Cool Hands standards

5) You receive a set price per item, by EMT, on the spot

6) If you wish to make another set, you’ll receive your next set at the same time


We would love to give everyone who wants to work with us, a chance to work with us. If we don’t have a spot yet, our hope is that as we grow, we’ll have all the spots open that we need. We are open to anyone of any colour, race, creed, sexuality, belief system and gender.

For now ALL we ask is that you are Nova Scotian, in the Halifax and environs area, and have basic to moderate sewing skills. Ideally, as we grow, we will be present further afield, and in other provinces as well, to provide opportunities for people elsewhere.

** Non smoking homes only please, and all work must be completed in an area free of animal hair/dander

If you would like to find out more, please email us at, and thank you!

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